AQA AS and A-Level Physics Specification

AQA Physics Specification

3.1 Measurements and their errors

Content in this section is a continuing study for a student of physics. A working knowledge of the specified fundamental (base) units of measurement is vital. Likewise, practical work in the subject needs to be underpinned by an awareness of the nature of measurement errors and of their numerical treatment. The ability to carry through reasonable estimations is a skill that is required throughout the course and beyond. Source:

3.4 Mechanics and Materials

3.4 Mechanics and Materials 3.4.1 Force, Energy and Momentum Scalars and Vectors Content Nature of scalars and vectors. Examples should include: Velocity/speed, mass, force/weight, acceleration, displacement/distance. Addition of vectors by calculation or scale drawing. Calculations will be limited to two vectors at right angles. Scale drawings may involve vectors at angles other than 90°. … Continue reading 3.4 Mechanics and Materials